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Every Problem has a Root Cause and a Solution to the same. Identifying the right person who will provide us the way to the solution is the challenge for the present day humanity who  keeps questioning rather than believing a SathGuru and practice his preachings.

A Hungry person , has to eat for himself, today majority of well doing people are donating huge amounts to Swamji ‘s in all religions . Most of them get in to drains with useless purpose. Whereas Sages have given  a long list of temples for the individual to get personal help and also blessings for their future generations.

Guruve Saranam ; Spirituality is an integral part of every day and is nothing unique. The reality is that the given 24 hours of every day has to be used spiritually so that the ultimate bliss and happiness is obtained with complete peace. This includes the act of begetting children also .


UthamaPathra Deepsakthi Pooja

Irrespective of all the poojas done all these days , start lighting earthen lamps in Multiples of 12 nos with the following Leaves underneath the lamps as Seats, in any Temples you Visit.

Sunday – Lotus Leaves, Monday- Manthaarai , Tuesday – Coconut , Wednesday – Palaa , Thursday- Poovarasan, Friday – Vaazhai ( Plantain) , Saturday – Aala Maram

Also – Inside the temple the lamps has to be placed in the below given sides .

Sunday- East, Monday – West, Tuesday- South East, Wednesday- North East, Thursday – North , Friday- North West, Saturday- South West . You get the blessings of Disa vallaba Deepa Sakthi Devathaas.

What to Do in a Religious Place.

Irrespective of your belief and the place you worship, please have the attitude to Keep it clean and Tidy.

Start cleaning the place with a small bag of your own , remove all unwanted match sticks, papers, leftovers , trashes, lamps, candles, paper plates, coconut kernels, camphor covers, waste papers. Collect the same and ensure it is dropped in to the dustbin out of the temple complex .

Try to broom clean the place, mop it , apply Rangoli, turmeric, kumkum to the old trees available inside the temple premises. Water the plants , feed the cows , and birds flying across or staying there.

Mix jaggery and rice flour rava – put it near the walls and trees so that the ANTS will feed on them and bless you.

In Hindu temples try to do Pradichinam ( Circumambulation) normally, then Adipradichinam ( Placing foot near foot), Angapradichinam ( Rolling over- It sets all your physical problem right), SuyaPradichinam ( Rotate and Revolute) like moon over earth, Gunipradichinam ( Bend yourself upto hip ) and then do the rounds, Hold both your hands up and doing etc..

Sit in a Quiet place and do Naama Japam or some chanting for minimum 30 minutes…


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