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Money – Wealth & Happiness :    

Wealth and Money is the blessings received due to your good Deeds done in the Previous births and especially it is directly proportional to the volume of Devotion you had towards God.

Envy and Jealousy will be a big hindrance to your Income, whoever you may be.

Having huge loads of Money is not a good sign , but you should be able to Eat everything  ( No Sugar), Sleep well ( No Tablets ) Pause your Stools easily ( No Piles).

Health is Wealth known to the whole of Mankind from earlier days.  There are 8X8 (64) Miseries , which will be taken care only when you start donating to others proportionately. Eg : Baldness ( Hair loss), Using Spectacles ( Eye Sight Issue), No Kids ( Hereditary Curse) , Poverty ( Money) ,Handicap etc.. So more than being wealthy , we have to  live a wealthy life …


Specific Points are Shared below for an Individual while dealing with Money.

  • Avoid borrowing money & availing loan, as and when we feel like, Also avoid returning back the loan on any given time. There are specific periods and days for the same. You have to plan your needs accordingly
  • Loan should be spent only after doing specific pooja’s so that we will be able  to repay it on time.
  • Also cash of the closing loan also has to be kept in Pooja and then returned back.
  • Lending money should only for Good Deeds and not for other negative/ fun activities.
  • Always Pray Holding the currencies/Cash  both while getting and giving them away. Your transactions should always face East / North Sides to get the maximum blessings.
  • Avoid using Leather Articles like Purse, Bags. The negativity will be more from the dead skin. All huge transaction papers has to be taken  to Thiru Annamalai once & Girivalam has to be done for successful transaction.
  • Also Thirunindravoor near Avadi, Chennai. Thirunindriyoor Mayavaram , Thrailokki ( Lakshmi Theertham )near Kumbakonam , Tiruchy Thirumazhhapadi Lakshmi Theertham  can also be used for energising the Loan and related activities. Sprinkling the water on the Cash bag will ensure the money spent is for good cause and not for Hospital or Legal Expenses .
  • Your first expense from the monthly pay should be buy Flowers / Milk which will flourish. Cash has to be kept in Sandal wood chest with Jasmine Flowers around.

Days to avail Loan – Tuesday, Friday New Moon, Full Moon, Prathama.

Stars are Barani, Krithika, Aayilyam, Moolam, Visaka, Chithra, Pooram, Pooradam & Poorataathi.

Days to Close Loans – Anusham, Uthirattathi,Thursday, Saturday, Chathurthi, Navami, Chathurthasi. Makara, Kumba Lagna during Day time , will bless us with all types of Aishwaryam in Future.

Certain Points : Unkempt Homes, Cobwebs, Leaking Taps, Frequent Crying Folks , Quarrel some attitudes will all lead to excessive expense and Poorness.

  • Cleanliness and Tidiness are must for Money Rotation
  • Respect the money that has reached you and don’t envy  get angry on the money that has slipped
  • Practice proper account management for all your income and expense.
  • Avoid having negative thoughts about Money. Even Monks are in need of Money to carry on their good deeds and propagate their thoughts
  • Be happy and Cheerful with the already available money and always accept them with smiling face
  • Always have sufficient balance in your locker, purse and Bags- Do not make them drought
  • Till such time you succeed don’t reveal your business plan/ secrets to others
  • Your Profit should be decided only in Planning stage and there after Concentrate only the execution part .
  • Misery and Spendthrifts are a No  No to Wealth.
  • Think about donation and do as possible as you can.
  • Always be Happy , money automatically reaches your hand.
  • Mind Move Matter- Think that you can buy the thing you Like and don’t doubt your capacity. Work towards it.
  • Close all your unwanted petty Borrowings.
  • Have a Photo Frame of Currencies in your bed room. Wake on that photo.
  • Be Cheerful always… Disco, Drinking and Gambling will never give you continuous Cheeriness.



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  1. HI krishna, i do not understand these

    lines “There are 8X8 (64) Miseries , which will be taken care only when you start donating to others proportionately. Eg : Baldness ( Hair loss), Using Spectacles ( Eye Sight Issue), No Kids ( Hereditary Curse) , Poverty ( Money) ,Handicap etc.. So more than being wealthy , we have to live a wealthy life ” in this page.

    • As replied over phone – its Cause & Effect theory. Plenty of solutions lies across , and we have to perform to come out of the misery

  2. Bharath on March 18, 2014 at 1:21 pm said:

    Hi All

    With guru blessing, anything can be done, as per his comments visited Sri Akshayapureeswarar temple, my financial part was very low, after the vist made it got good fortune for me,
    Thanks to AAA


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