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Dear Devotees Please be aware of  Nine Navagraha Temples Located in our Own Chennai .Come lets get a change in One day.

  • You can go a  One Day tour to all the Navagraha Temples.

Sun : Kolappakkam , Moon : Somamangalam, Mars : Poonthamallee, Mercury : Kovoor , Guru : Porur, Shukkran : Maangadu , Saturn :            Pozhichaloor, Raahu : Kundrathoor , Kethu : Gerugambakkam.

  •  Super Saturn Tour , which Consists of Eight Selected Saturn Temples which are very Old and Powerful than Thirunallaru.

Kaaliyyakudi, Koonthaloor, Mayavaram , Vilangkulam, Arasarkulam etc


  • Wealth Visit To Kanchipuram – Peru Nagar Jyeshta Devi  during Kettai Rohini Thiruvonam , Sundays , Thridinasprik days etc.

Topic Family

Pitru Blessings

  • Forefathers who  had unnatural deaths and after prolonged sufferings can be redeemed by doing ancestor pooja in Thirupoovanam Shivan temple. It is enroute to Paramakudi from Madurai. Manikarniga Ghat , Vishnu theertham, Papanasa Theertham and Vaigai theertham are available in this temple. Mixing of the ashes of those persons here in this place will solve all your problems.

Marriage blessings- a Long list for your individual convenience – choose any one and do it whole heartedly.

  • Manjakudi Muhoortha Ganapathi – The temple is in Pudukottai district in Manalmelkudi Taluk. Also can be reached from Meemisal through Jagathaapatinam /kottaipattinam. The Ganapathi who teaches Vedha Gnanam to Lord Hanuman daily is waiting here to bless you with a proper marriage. You have to garland him with Full coconuts applied with Kasthuri Manjal ( turmeric) and also pray him with Four Ripe Coconuts ( Muthiyalu theyngaai). Then break those coconuts mix the granules with Ghee and sugar or Jaggery Cardoman and Cashew. First provide the same to Crows for appeasing the forefathers and then distrubute the same to Children. This is the temple where Vilvam was First revealed to our world. Vilvavaneswarar is the Lord’s Name.  You also has Anjeyl Endra Perumal Temple with Vedhalakshmi Narasimha Perumal.
  • Suyamvaraa Kalaparvathi Temple : Srivarthmaaneswarar temple- Thiruthuraipoondi – katimedu – aatheerangam route: This is the place where the Head of Marriage Act-  Sri Suyamvaraakalaparvathi blesses us across the World. A Place where the Pond is called Kalyana Theertham , bathing in it will remove curses to an extent and also mitigate Raghu, Kethu, Naga, Bairava Pithur, Baalaarishta and Chevvai Dosham. You have to Sing Vaathiraja’s Lakshmi Shobana Thuthi, SriAndaal’s Vaaranam Aayiram and Nachiar Thirumozhi before her. Angapradishanam is a must in this temple and yearly visit to this temple will keep your family in good momentum with Smoothness.
  • Nellithoppu – Sri Kalyana Ranganathar – Near Kumbakonam – 2kms before Anaikkarai- Kopudai Aandaal Temple : A Perumal who came direct from Vaikunda and waited for Alwar’s visit, he laid himself in Ground without a headrest and upon the  request of Goddess lakhsmi transformed himself to Stone ( Suyambu Perumal).It was full of Gooseberry ( Amla) forest and on alwar’s spell all the trees got mukthi and flew off to Vaikundam. But the Village is still called by the old name nellithoppu. Light 28 lamps in aandal sannadhi and get married .
  • Peraiyoor Naganatha Swami : Pudukottai District- Thirumayam / Ponamaravathi circle. You have thousands of Snake idols here with Nagaswami theertham the main boon giver. To pray during Sunday Raghu Kalam (4.30 to 6.00pm) here and remove all Sins committed by using our Tongue. It is also nagadosham, Perai means a Beejam , which is the Hiss of Snakes. Lord Sri Adeesesha worships here on a daily basis.
  • Kookoor – Sri Kalyana Sundara Ambigai- 4 Kms from Tiruchy Lalgudi.  A temple from Ramayana times, Lord Rama’s Brother Boatman Guha got Eashwara title here.  Goddess Kalyana Sundarai and Lord Guhaheswarar.  He had kept Lord Rama’s Paathugai here and hence doing angapradishinam here is a must to remove negativity from us. Every month Sivarathri Navanatha Siddhars along with Guhan worship the lord here. Full of Atharvana Vedha Sakhti stalam.  Quarrel  , Envy , Jeolousy and other problematic couples will be provided with good solutions in this temple.
  • Aadipoorathamman of Thiruvenkadu ( Mercury ) temple in Mayavaram circle. To pray her every month Pooram star and provide her with yellow dress and turmeric , do archana with good Kumkum ( vermillion)
  • Thiruparkadal – Niraivalaiyambikai ( Kanchipuram to Kaveripakkam – Vellor Route) – Flooded with temples in Kaveripakkam – join as a group and do pooja and anoint 1008 bangles to Srivalaiyambiagai – All spinsters will be blessed.
  • Thirukadiayoor Sri Amirthavalli thaayar (U) Sriamirthanarayana Perumal – Vipula Garudar blesses from this amirtha boomi , near Abirami temple. Getting married in this temple will bless the whole of family with Theerka Ayul, Theerka Darishanam, Theeka Sakhthi. A place where Sri Ramanuja also was blessed .
  • Conduction of Brahma Kalyanam in Uthamar Koil ( Tiruchy), Thirukandiyoor( Tanjore) , Thirupattoor ( Samayapuram)
  • Condution of Pradosha Poojai to Narasimha Perumal in Srirangam Srikaatalagiya singhar and in Manjakudi ( Meemisal)
  • Condution of Parvathi, Meenakshi, Rukmini, Seetha, Radha, Valli and Andal Kalyanam in temples in your localities .
  • Visiting / having darshan of Thriyugi Narayanan caves in Sonprayag of Uttharkand district. Giving mooligai and samithu to the holy fire kund ( Bramhasheela) of Sivaparvathi marriage will give instant result on Marriage blessings.
  • Thirumanvayal – Sri sountharanayagi (u) sri agastheeswarar temple  .  Karaikudi- devakottai- thirumanvayal is the route. Temple is in the village by name Kottur Nayinaar vayal. Conducting homan here will give best result.Angreesa maharishi temple
  • Siddhu kaadu – ( Thirumanam Village ) – Near poonthamallee vellavedu- Sundara raja perumal – Arrange for Tulasi marriage in this temple with Nelli tree.
  • Thiruveezhimizhalai- Mappillai Chami Temple. Near Mayuram thirupampuram , Siva got married with Kaathyaayini devi here. Marriage Pandal is still available in rock model.
  • Kalyana Mahaadevi – 5kms from  Thiruvaaroor Route Thandalai Perungudi .     A delipated temple of Kalyana Meenakshi and Kalyana sundarewarar.  Kalayana Vinayagar, Kalyana Bairavar, Kalyana Murugar are the others available.  Place where Kalyani Raagam was BORN.
  • Thirumangalakudi – Mangalambigai temple - Near Suryanar koil in Mayavaram- Worshiping the Eleven Rudra Lingams there will bless you with Marriage life.
  • Patteeswaram Perumal Temple – Two Palm trees with Two lord Hanumans is the Human Worlds – Marriage Mandap. Gopinatha perumal temple . A visit to this place and anointing the couple trees with Dhothi and Saree will bless you for a good Marriage.
  • Aralippatti Girivalam- Madurai – Thirupathoor- Singampunari- Sathurvedamangalam – Aralipatti – 2km stretch – Do girivalam on Uthiram star day and get the blessing of Lord Hanuman for Marriage. Also Thirumalai near Sivagangai is another mountain temple of same energy

Childbirth and Off spring : Visit 

  • Lord Santhana Ramaswamy in Needamangalai next to Aalangkudi. Lord Rama who bless Tanjore King Sri Prathaba Shimhan with child .
  • Sri Perunthevi thaayaar udanurai Sri Abayavaradaraja Perumal of Alangudi. The gurustalam of Tanjore district. Perumal with his consort prayed to Lord Dhakshinamoorthy for begetting a Child in alangudi . Go there during Thiruvonam and Ekadasi Thithi days.

Rejoin with Husband.

  •  Please visit Melanettur , Thirikarana Moola Kaali  which is 25kms from Maanaa Madurai. She is available to bless us inside Sri Saantha-nayaki Sameda Swarnavaareeswarar Temple.  Ladies who have been deserted by husband and also All problems faced by females will be cured by MaaKaali. She has to be anointed with Self made Turmeric on Tuesday , Vermilion on Friday and Pure Butter on Sunday and beg for solutions. Also help poor ladies visit & pray her to get a solution for you.

Help for Destitute

  • People without anyone’s support and totally in a fix after losing some one in life , has to to take bath in Konerirajapuram Pond ( near Kumbakonam ) during Full moon especially during Vaigaasi (Vaisaka) with Visaka star combination and then donate Lemon rice pudding to Poor people. Lord Bhoomeeswarar.

Topic Health

Eye Sight Issue

  • Make Frequent visits to Keezhlsooriya Moolai Village and Pray to Lord Sri Kodi Sooryamoothy . Clean the temple and serve their regularly. A temple visited by crores of Suns across the Galaxy to re-energise themselves. All issues related to Cataract, Squint eye, power issues will be regulated.

Nerves Problem

  • Make a visit to Madurai Meenakshi temple and Pray to Lord Assathya Sathaga Sarabeswarar in the pillar . The  timing is Tuesday Raghu kaalam , after which you have to donate foods equivalent to nerve system. Eg Jeelebi, Thengulal, Murukku , Jaangiri , Iddiyappam etc.

Skin Disease

  • Make a visit to Thiruvalampuram which is in Sirkazhi- Melaiyoor Route on a Tuesday , especially timing 6-7am , 1-2 pm or 8-9pm. You have to cover the Lord Prithiv Lingam( Srivalampura Naathar) with Poonugu , Anoint with Sambirani Thailam and pray. After which donate food mixed with Greens ( Spinach) . Read Indraakshi Kavasham . You can see good result of all your skin related problems getting diluted slowly.

Solace from God and Reduce your Ailments and Disease.: Visit below : Diabetics , Blood Pressure Cancer Heart ailment Kidney Malfunction Piles and Stomach Ache.

  • Nandaankoil alias Thirunthudevankudi  is located near Thiruvisanallur of Sridhara Iyyaval . Here Lord Karkadeswarar sits with two of his consorts Aboorva Nayaki and Arumarunthu Nayaki.
  • During Theipirai Ayilam star days , make a visit there and hand hold all the medicines and do adipradichinam . Also during Tuesday Saturday, Amavasya Ayilyam Ashwini Star days this can be done. Orgainise for a Milk Abishekam of a Kaaram pasu and this has to be done within 10 minutes of suckling the milk from the cow and before the heat wards off. after that do annadhanam with the mix of Kariveppillai, Malaipoondu and keerai ( Greens).
  • Additionally light lamps with the mix of Ponnanganni, Karisalaanganni, Semparuthi, Marudhanee , Nelli (Amla) and Neelibirungaathi oils.

Get Rid of Bad Vibrations / Sins done by Physical Body

  • Sivapuram a temple famous for Kalabairava situated near Kumbakonam  beholds lakhs of Suyambu Shiva lingams beneath its surface which is prayed by Lord Varaha daily. Every day round the clock scores of Sages do Angapradishanam in this temple. It is a Must for every human to visit this temple and do angapradhishinam atleast once in their lifetime to get rid of all their sins committed through Panchendiryaas. ( Eye, Ear, Nose , Mouth and Touch). This is the gate way   for Lord Varaha to enter the Paathala Loga daily to give Dharshan to Mahaa Bali Chakravarthi.

Severe Disease :

  • During Dhanvanthri Jayenthi , identify his temple mix the Oils of Ponnanganni, Karisalaanganni, Sembaruthi, Coconut and Pure Ghee in a New Earth Pot. Anoint the same to the idol and then cover with Blue Color dress. After which donation of Green mixed foods to Poor will give you immense relief.  Additionally Days of Ashwini, Aayilam , Tuesday 6-7 ,1-2 & 8-9pm is best timing for the same.

Topic Wealth

Regain Money and Materials

  •  Make a visit to Uthiramerur Perumal Temple , 18 kms from Chengalpet. Anoint Lord Achuthavaradhar with Handmade Chandan ( Sandal paste). Do a Archana with Sambangki Flowers and Offer neivedyam with 5 chitra annam. Lemon rice, Coconut rice, Puliyothorai, Curd Rice and Tomato rice. Later distribute the same to Poors. One temple with Nine Perumals inside , prayed by Pancha Pandavas during Mahabharath time.

Strong Will Power

  •  To avail yourself with strong will power , inspite of odd situation and to face all problems with courage, make a visit to Thiru Iyyermalai , near Kulithalai Tiruchy. Decorate all the 1600 steps of the hill shrine with Rangoli and Lights . Then do a girivalam.

 Problem due to Jealousy and Envy

  • Anoint Coconut Oil and Sandanadhi Thailam to Goddess who are in seated position, do archana with White Lotus flowers and distribute Green Color vegetables mix foods to Poors . This will give us remedy from Envious and Jealousy coworkers , neighbors who create trouble  to us.







Topic Medicine

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