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Siddha Solutions for Ailments as Released by Sage Agasthiar ( Sathuguru Siddhar Venkatarama Swamigal) – Thiru Annamalai Adaiyur Salai Ashram.

Paaru Paaru Nallaa Paaru – Don’t See, what you see. See ,what you don’t See.

v  People Suffering from Cancer, Asthma and Epilepsy should do Girivalam of Thiru Annamalai during Moolam Star days by holding the medicines in their hand , and use them for best results.

v  Provide Nests/Shelters with water and Cereals for Birds in your home in a Safe place

v  To safe guard your Eyes and have a Healthy Sight -Grow fishes in your home ( Fish Tank)

v  Take Oil bath Compulsorily every week. 30- 180 minutes of waiting period is must, Gents during Wed & Sat . Ladies Tue & Friday. Coconut oil should be washed with Cold water and Til Oil should be washed with Hot/Warm water.

v  Say thanks to the god as given while – Eating Idli, Dosa Rice, items- Moon God, Venpongal- Guru Gayathri along with Moon, Vadai –  Saturn . Pepper items- Sun God, Pulse items – Lord Subramanya, Jeeraka Rasam- Ashwini Devathaas, Coconut rice- Lord Venus, Puliyothora- Perumal, Greens – Saagambari, Wheat – Sun God etc

v  Please eat Garlic and Onion to counter the negative forces in today’s world.

v  People with excess heat and kidney ailments should drink water mixed with Thulasi and Vilva powder for 48 days continuously.


Forgive Forgive Forgive …..Make Peace with everything and Anything…

That’s the way to help our self, by forgiving others..


Ailment is nothing but our Physical Body’s intimation to align our mental body to Nature…

Forgiving Improves our health instantly..

Chant 108 to as many times per day : I am Sorry . Please Forgive me. Love Thanks Divine

Together Forgive Divine ,to get rid of all your ailments


Ailment Reasons
Adenoid Your Parents had been quarrelling in earlier days, when you were a Kid. Forgive & Forget.
Finger Joints Pain Desire to Punish Others
Boils in Body Blaming others/God/Nature. Arguments, shouting , confrontation
Conjunctivitis Criticizing & Finding Faults on all things
Fat & Bulgy Hips Anger Against Parents. Forgive & Thank them
Glaucoma I will not forgive. I am correct -attitude
Fever Suppressed Anger- Release it
Gall Stones Bitter about Life/ Condemning others
Corns Holding on to the Hurts of the Past Life, feeling resentful
Dysentery Accumulation of Anger- Release it
Eczema Don’t Antagonize others. Mend Relations
High BP Unwilling to Solve Conflicts
Hernia Relationship is Ruptured. Mentally separated from Partner
Physical Infusion Door Mat Thought- All are using me
Jaws Release Revengeful Thought
Kidney Stone Replace Anger with Forgiveness
Piles/ Arthritic Joints Release Resentment
Knee Problem Pride Ego
Digestive Problem Justifying Our Anger
Rheumatic Pain Release Resentment/Victim Thought
Urinary Infection Blaming others
Cancer Too Much of Anger


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