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Relax yourself. Unlearning and learning daily is the secret to keep going.

Purpose of Human Life —Daily Duty : Deva Debts, Rishi Debts & Pitru Debts

The untold secret of human life is to Conquer death and become immortal. There are numurous examples from all parts of this earth , where Common man to Saints have become immortal, though they have withered their body.

Physical body is like a Motor engine, which has a life span . After which it ceases to function. We have to immortalize us through our actions and be part of time rather than gone with time type. It is not because the maximum cases are failure that there is no Success, it is only the attempts made till we succeed in reaching the Target.


Deva Debts : Every House hold is supposed to do a Yaga / Homan once in a month and provide offering to the particular deity through Agni Deva. It is like recharging our mobile for usage.

Rishi Debts : Every Individual has to follow up with Vrdhaas and Fasting once in a Month  and celebrate all the festivals with sincerity and don’t treat it as one more holiday and lay lazy on the bed watching TV. Discontinuing and careless attitude towards the same , in turn becomes a Curse and hits us back . The growth of us / Siblings is stuck.

Ancestor Reverence ( Pitru Pooja) : Reverence to our Fore Fathers is a Very Must activity to be done by every human being , for a Peaceful and Prosperous life here in Earth. This is being practiced by various customs across the planet by most of the people.  Disconnect of the same in the present civilization due to losing of identify and also due to wrong globalization towards material pleasures has resulted in mass scale disruption of the purpose . This has lead to sufferings in today’s world.

We are supposed to offer the deceased souls and ask for their guidance . This in India is known as Tharpan. Offering of Till with Water to 12 People minimum  ( three Pairs each on Father’s and Mother’s Side)  will fetch all your nominal desires and needs. This has to be done compulsorily during every New Moon at a comfortable clean place of yours.

Also donating foods , clothing and other utilities normally preferred by them , will help the Native to succeed further. The forefathers will accept the same through the Dhaan done to poors very happily and in turn will bless us.

Aim of a Human Life :

Start praying from your younger days- Young bamboo becomes a palanquin since it bends- Rigid old one is used only in the final journey.

Catch hold of One Guru and One God..Proceed come whatever..Have the aim of Surrendering to God living within your family .

1) Get into the Network of Great guruji’s lived and living eg , Kanchi Paramacharya, Poori Jagannathji, Ahobila Azhagiya Shingar, Andavar Swamigal, Srirangam Periayvaal, Pandrimalai Swamigal, Shirdi Baba, Manthralaya SriRaghavendra , Rahothama Swamigal of Thirukoilur , Badesahib of Kandamangalam , Srilasri Venkatarama Swamigal of Thiruannamalai, Seshadriji, Ramanarji, Ramsurathji etc.etc.

2) Avoid people who has double standard and back bite

3) Speak only the greatness of God almighty and avoid remarking about others

4) Always speak Truth

5) Live with Great Principles , and not with Ego . Love alone gets us into success .

6) Love your Wife and Family and not other women

7) After practicing the above daily – u have to praise the Lord continuously


  • Get into friendship of Good Devotees and that will lead you to understand about your Karma. Karma will be absorbed only by Shiva and for that Think about him during Andhi and Shandhi Time . You have to Sandhiyavandana Pooja daily irrespective of which caste you belong to.Especially in the evening you have to speak about lord shiva .
  • Avail every chance of getting the Dharshan of Lord when he comes , out of temple to provide us Dheeksha. When he is on Thiruveethi Ulaa ( Mada veethi- Streets) he blesses us through Nayana, Thirukara and Thiruvadi.
  • Try to participate in all the Vidaiyattri Ursavam of all gods across temples. Pray to his lotus feet and give him thanks to all he has provided to you till day.

Make donation of food and Cloth as a daily practice, becoz of the following.

Once we wither the body, the life ( size of a Thumb) is given a astral body to stay in Earth plane for 16 days and accept all the offerings given by our relatives in human form. During that time we feel thirsty, Hungry and tastiness.

After 16 days , messengers known as Thoothuva Ratchan will guide us through ( Dark Tunnel) only during this travel will we know the real effect of all our dhana Dharma . Depending upon which the travel will be comfortable. This tunnel is known as Meridium line.

Finally we reach Bhakkya Puthra Sthaanam , where we meet all the light soul relatives . After which, depending upon the soul’s capacity it is sent to Light world / Middle world/ Dark world. Souls which are in Light world alone will be able to be in touch with their descendants in this earth.

Reasons for Troubles in Marriage / Getting Delayed and Disturbance    :    

Marriage is happening to all – Grass, plants, Animals, Deva’s , Kantharvas, Ghosts , Fairies , Angels and Gods…..

Plants -The Kusa Grass growing nearby a Banyan tree is its wife, The kusa Grass growing nearby a Vanni tree is its wife. Both the grasses are used for different purpose in our pooja’s.

Animals- Take an example of Lion, it marks its area during the breeding season with a Scent . ( Muthu pal Kuri). there are 108 types of body odour from a male lion and only a Female which prefers the smell enters the marked area to accept the male as its partner. Also the entered female ensures that no other female lion enters the marked area.

Humans – First step for Spiritual up liftment is marriage, but today it is a big challenge to get married on the right time . With so much of challenges and additional needs asked on both sides of the bride and groom … it is quite a blessing to set marriage properly.

Matches : Before getting into Horoscope analysis the following has to be checked to some extent for mutual betterment.

Manapporutham : Both Bride and Groom has to be mentally prepared for marriage life and accept it without external pressure.

Age Compatability : Should be within acceptable limits according to customs

Physical Strenght : It should be dealt with the angle of producing good offsprings and not with the color of the External Skin

Kula Porutham : Both should be from a family of Sathsang followers of Some good Guruji. ( Caste and Subcaste is a Strict no  no )

Bakthi Porutham : Both should be matured enough to respect elders of the others and take care of them accordingly

Theiva Porutham : Both should believe in God and should not curse back gods during challenging times

VithiSaantha Porutham : After marriage should not feel bad and gossip about your partner to others. Accept them as they are.

Paasa nivedhana Porutham : Either you are blessed or not with child , should not doubt your partner and carry on with the life.

Nirsala Siddha Porutham : Should not give priority for looks, background, Post but should be patient and get married properly.

Athithi Seva Ragasiya Porutham : Should not be a hindrance when either of them does Dhaana / Dharma and help others.

Only after checking the above 10 – we should enter into matching horoscopes.  on this part – the three important requirements are Rajju , Vedhai and Yoni .

It the above 10 are done and if horoscope never matches – need not worry and we can proceed with the marriage as Gods will take care of the same.

Cause and Effects for troubles in Marriage >

  • People who have stopped festivals in temples due to Individual Ego and First Village Respect to be given to them
  • Being vagaobond during youth life without listening to Elders
  • Jeolousy and Envy on good looking people and thinking of defecting their life / marriage
  • Comparing the money / study status between families
  • Lean and Fat looking people feeling envy on the counter parts and cursing them in their heart
  • Birth / Puberty during  Koodal Naal ( Bad Days )- Silatha Maharishi has briefed a lot about this.
  • Separating married couples due to personal ego
  • Separating a true hear ted lovers
  • Sins committed by Grand parents will also be a reason for marriage trouble
  • Cheating brothers/ sisters due to property dispute
  • Doubted the spouse in previous birth- will lead to separation in this life.
  • Curse from own parents will lead to separation
  • Stealing money / jewels from a dead mans house
  • Stealing assets by taking the Thumb impression once a person is dead
  • Curse from Cows due to ill treatment
  • Loosing of Chastity for getting promotion / money will hinder the offspring’s marriage
  • ill treating ladies on the road side
  • Misbehaving with young widows
  • Rejecting lot of girls citing various reasons will become a curse
  • Buying off Grooms completely and rejecting their Parents
  • Using black magic and getting married
  • Not respecting elders including own parents
  • Not believing in God Almighty and forget to sing upon his praise

Reasons for Human to commit mistakes are many – but there are SEVEN important of the same

  • Money Power- We have to understand the money we have now is due to previous birth Punya and use it for only good purpose under a sathsang. This  will lead us to god and ensure peace. Thinking that we are the one who earned it & misusing the same to harm others will lead to Sorrow.
  • Position Power – Authority of a position changes a person and forces him to do harm to others. And to continue in the position he continues harming others leading to down fall. Kind people will not ask for Position and even it is given to them , they will be humble dispose the duty and retire from the same.
  • Youth energy / Manpower Support – Youthfulness is a very short period and misusing the same instead of sowing the God seed will take us no  where and we will loose the god-given blessings
  • Praise Power ( Fame) : People who are successful in winning over the tests from Money and Ladies get caught in the Praise trap. If people around you keep on praising you, we tend to get trapped and start drifting from the Goal due to the FAME .
  • Pride : Once successful in a activity – we tend to forget others and disrespect them leading to our downfall
  • Arrogance : A self centered person , who becomes arrogant due to Physical / Brain beauty goes down by himself very soon
  • Greediness : Love for comfort is a basic need for all of us by good means, but when we become greedy – we tend to hurt others for want of material comfort and thereby loose peace .

Simple solutions for good Marriage – Pondicherry Manakula Vinayagar, Thiruannamalai Aanirai Ganapathi, Dindukkal , Chinnaalampatti Four Face Murugan  Visits and worshipping Maa Durga during Thursday Raghu Kalam ( 1.30 pm to 3.00 pm ) will help Males to get rid of pains.

Marriages has to take place only in Religious Place and not in Mandap’s. In today’s fast world identifying good purohit who will recite proper hymns is Challenging . Also inviting relatives to a mandap and they fuming and commenting on the Food provided will be curse back.

The best solution is to Conduct it – INSIDE temple premises where fairies blesses and takes care of the couple. Feed Poors with good quality food, who will bless in return.


In the whole of life in this cosmos – only Guru Sishya Relationship is the true one. Let us try to understand the other forms and finally come to this subject.

There are Five types of  Relationship : Physical , Fake,  Temporary, Latest and Life.

Physical Relations - Parents, Brothers , Sisters, Uncles, Nephews, Nieces Aunties etc form part of this . They are physically relative to us, but mentally they may / maynot be related . No one will help us during our last days.

Bogus Relations      - People who get attached to us  citing some relationship , when we are prosperous and wealthy are known as bogus relations. Even these people will not help us during our last days

Inbetween Relations   – Spouses , Relatives of Spouses and Children’s are all inbetween relations who may not help in our last days.

Low Relations – People who praise us in the face and get our help. Who will stoop down so low to be acquainted with us but will run off if we are in bad phase.

Life Relatives: Only GURU and GOD are the lasting relationship we have .









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