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How to make use of the daily time , week & whole Life

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Astrology ,  Palmistry and Numerology are great fields of Science Intertwined between them . These Subjects was a common practice in India & Greece since Ages . Of late more than Indians , we have great scholars on the above subject from America, Britain, Germany and Japan.

Of the above three, Astrology and Palmistry will forecast the future, where as Numerology will forecast the future  and also provide with solutions for the challenges to be faced.

The entire star systems are being controlled by multiple millions of Angels and Fairies who lives in all the worship places across continents . Suitably identifying and taking care of them will put the mother earth in Peace and Harmony.  Ancient civilisations was adept in it and had taken full use of the same. The living old civilisation are at present we the Indians and Chinese , others have been sucked up by the time and has got converted to various forms.

India and Indian’s has to regain their old glorious Culture, which was shackled by British Diplomat Macaulay in 1835 by Broking & Conquering India’s – Esteem and Culture . Today we are more interested in knowing and aping on what is happening in Western world rather than what to do in making our life more peaceful and graceful here in India.

East  is Divinising the Materials

West is Materialising the Divinities…..    Indians have to  come out of this Western & Materialistic  Maaya

There is one more universal truth :

Western Truth Seekers will never believe anything unless it is from India , on the Other Hand

Indians never believe anything of their Forefathers unless it is reinvented and briefed by a Western


Examples : 1 Even the Great Swami Vivekananda was totally accepted only after his West Visit

2 The Multimillion dollar Yoga  business Centers run by Westerners across the Globe, whereas  Indians has least regards to Yoga Concept.

TIME : lets try to understand the same.

We have millions and millions of Galaxies in the ever expanding universe, and every galaxy has numerous solar systems and every solar system has various forms  of Earth , which is still a riddle to the Scientific world of today..

Time is nothing but destiny which unfolds by itself naturally, whom ever is patient and dutiful wins across everything during the ripe time… and God has given downright authority to TIME in punishing those who waste time instead of spending time.. each of us has only 24 hours based both on the eastern and western calendar for a day and it all lies in our hand on how we use, misuse and abuse time..

Time is nothing but the rotation and revolution of the planet earth by itself and then the sun , which is so precise since ages immemorial…

We do have planets and solar systems having more than two Suns and upto 360 suns.. which is through metaphysical understanding and not scientific… we are living in a world of 3D whereas Hindus have long back felt 16D of which Srichakra is a form used in daily Prayers

Now-    Hindus calculate their time with Moon as the centre of focus and  the movement of  Nine Planets and the placement of  one among the 27 stars with their  Bhaavam placed in the twelve Houses …

Based on the Moon’s Movement ( Mathi- Kaaragan) , we were able to Predict the Rains &  Eclipses in our Panchangam for millions of years

Taken as 15 days of Waxing and 15 days of Wanning  of Moon it is the distance between the Earth and moon on a daily basis.. when Moon  is in between Sun and Earth , we call it as New Moon  ( Waxing  Subsequently )and when Moon is in opposite of  Earth it is Full Moon ( Wanning Subsequently) which is the  Zero Day. ( Krishna Paksham & Shukla Paksham)

From Next day it is Called in Vernacular Tamil/Sanskrit as below since time immemorial and not after the rise of  Gregorian Calendar which is just two thousand years old……

1 Prathamai ( prathama manthiri , Prime No )

2 Thuvidiyai ( Thou , two )

3 Thrithiyai ( Theen, Three)

4 Chathurthi ( Char , Four)

5 Panchami ( Panch, Five)

6 Shasti ( Che , Six)

7 Sapthami ( Saath , Seven)

8 Ashtami ( Aat , Eight )

9 Navami ( Nou, Nine )

10  Dasami ( Das , Ten ) Kusa  as Per Agasthiar

11 Ekaa- Dasi  ( One day From Dasami)

12 Thuva – Dasi ( Two day  From Dasami)

13 Thriyo – Dasi ( Three day  From Dasami )

14 Chathur – Dasi ( Four day From Dasami)

15 Pournami – Amavasya ( Fifth Day From Dasami)

And all the above days has specific Angels/ Deva’s to be invoked for blessings with the nature of your requirement.

Vaasthu Day : Very Important Time Concept.

For a Serene Family Life : The great eight Vaasthu days has to be utilized properly and we should pray to Vasthu Purusha.

Thai ( Paush) – 12, Maasi ( Magha) – 22, Chitthirai ( Chaitra)- 10, Vaikaashi (Vaisak) -21, Aadi ( Ashad) – 11, Aavani ( Shravan) – 6, Iyypasi ( Ashwin) – 11 and Karthika ( Karthik) – 8.

There is a simple &  economical pooja with Eight Plantain leaves which will Recharge our mental battery a lot.


Ways to Get Forgiveness for Misuse of Time :

Gossiping, Useless Talks, Useless News, TV Channels, Unwanted Cinema’s, Liquor, Smoking , Gambling and Just being Simple with out doing anything is a Crime on Time management.

This accumulates as a Big “ Balance Ditch” in the upper world. We have to toil there for all the wasted time here in Earth. The above wastage of time multiplies our birth and results as  Bed ridden Diseases, Strokes and with useless body parts, Coma and Big Surgery.  Limitless misuse of time, makes a person to get dejected, Vengeance on others, Irritation with Self and Others leading to suicide thoughts.

Committing suicide is a Great Sin, which leaves us Body less for 2,00,000 ( 2 Lac) human years , where in by the time World changes in Multiplex.

We should be Time conscious and discharge the time accordingly which should be either useful to us or to someone else. All have only 24 hours across the Globe on a given day and it has to be Spent properly .

Time is EQUAL to Money and hence it has to be SPENT and not passed. No one passes money, but only Spend it for some purpose.

We have to Chant and Pray the Names of the below Devas

Seven Days, 2 Patchams, 16 Thithis, 12 Planets, Two Ayanas, 7 Rishsis, 7 Mothers, 60 years

12 months, 27 Yogams, 11 karanams, 27 Stars, 10 Sides , Horais, Ruthus, Naadi Manus, yugams and Thiyajjas.

Attending Kalabairava Pooja with Family once in a Week. Feeding  Crows, Cows and Dogs ( Late evening) is a simple way of getting into good books of TIME.

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