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Purpose of Human Life —Daily Duty : Deva Debts, Rishi Debts & Pitru Debts

The untold secret of human life is to Conquer death and become immortal. There are nemurous examples from all parts of this earth , where Common man to Saints have become immortal, though they have withered their body.

Physical body is like a Motor engine, which has a life span . After which it ceases to function. We have to immortalise us through our actions and be part of time rather than gone with time type. It is not because the maximum cases are failure that there is no Success, it is only the attempts made till we succeed in reaching the Target.


Deva Debts : Every House hold is supposed to do a Yaga / Homan once in a month and provide offering to the particular deity through Agni Deva. It is like recharging our mobile for usage.

Rishi Debts : Every Individual has to follow up with Vridhaas and Fasting once in a Month  and celebrate all the festivals with sincerity and don’t treat it as one more holiday and lay lazy on the bed watching TV. Discontinuing and careless attitude towards the same , in turn becomes a Curse and hits us back . The growth of us / Siblings is stuck.

Ancestor Reverence ( Pitru Pooja) : Reverence to our Fore Fathers is a Very Must activity to be done by every human being , for a Peaceful and Prosperous life here in Earth. This is being practised by various customs across the planet by most of the people.  Disconnect of the same in the present civilisation due to losing of identify and also due to wrong globalisation towards material pleasures has resulted in mass scale disruption of the purpose . This has lead to suffeings in today’s world.

We are supposed to offer the deceased souls and ask for their guidance . This in India is known as Tharpan. Offering of Til with Water to 12 People minimum  ( three Pairs each on Father’s and Mother’s Side)  will fetch all your nominal desires and needs. This has to be done compulsorily during every New Moon at a comfortable clean place of yours.

Also donating foods , clothing and other utilities normally preferred by them , will help the Native to succeed further. The forefathers will accept the same through the Dhaan done to poors very happily and in turn will bless us.

Kula Thozhil .

Continuing our hereditary business is the best way to have a happy and wealthy life.  Wisdom is must for Moksham / Mukthi, so do seva to Guru and God which bestows us with Wisdom. Especially children of Sivachaariayar and Battachariyaar are digressing  to the studies of Doctor, Engineer , MBA MCA etc… this will take them nowhere..

People doing seva inside the sanctum sanctatorium and within the vicinity of 12 feet of the Lord inside a temple will be blessed with a Power known as “Thilatha Sakhti”, which will help them bless ordinary sevardhis to huge extent. Getting prasad from these people will help us remove our three Janmaa’s sins. Hence all of them should continue with their Kula Dharman and Job.


Once upon a time every one was a pure vegetarian, Only the Fighting Class across the Globe , whose job was to Hunt, Fight for Army and head a country used to apply  fleshes of certain birds for wounds and cuts . In case of excess pain and also for more energy they will intake it , this normally become a habit even during Non War time .Now every one has started to take it for the purpose of pleasure and invite more disease and Karmas.  Those birds are rare to find nowadays and that has boiled down to Broiler Chickens and Ducks.

Our Purpose

Every individual has to make our Mother Happy by getting a good recognition in Society.

Additionally we have to make the World Mother ( Goddess) happy by getting into spiritual activities and help Piousness get across everywhere.

To Make Mother Goddess happy we have to celebrate Navarathri regularly of which there are Four important

Vasantha Navarthi ( March) , Ashaada Navarathi ( July ) Sarath Navararthi ( November), Sarada Navaararthi ( Sep Oct ).

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