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Temple of the Year 2014- Rameswaram Jadaa Theertham Photos

Link - A Visit to this place and a holy dip is must for all to attain wisdom and especially for all Students and Children for best career . As instructed by his father Veda Vyasaa- Sage Suga Bramha Maharishi has also took bath in this tank .. utilize this for this year 2014 till

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Maa Jyeshta ( Mootha Devi ) Sthosthras-Thamighz

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Read it in Full and be Proud of the Civilization we are… Ennenba  eyanai Ezhuthennba ivverendum Kannenba Vazhum Uyirkku- ( Nos & Alphabets are the eyes of living beings) Thirukkural  of  the Great Seer Thiruvalluvar   Numbers were born in Indian Sub Continent and was introduced to Europe by Arab Traders and during the early

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Vishnupathi-May 15

“Vishnupathi – Pondy near Meemisal the place where Santhana Lakshmi took avatar and Lord Shiva blessed Krishna with Off spring. Krishna did Pooja with Vradha under the Holy Tree , available here till today. Also the Place where Swarna Akarshana Bhairava revealed himself to our Earth.   1,366 total views, no views today

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Birth Star – Temple Details

lotusThe Correct temples pertaining to your Birth star with contact details – Please visit frequently & Energize yourself.

Mudra Treatment – Reach Health

prayerMudras – The Silent Solution in your Hands

Praise Divine – Move On

Yoga-Silhouette1Mental & Physical Well Being. Learn more and start practicing

Find Count Now Done- Make Money

loveAll Joint Families , Folks, Tribes have always won and succeeded finally by being together.

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