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The entire star systems are being controlled by multiple millions of Angels and Fairies who lives in all the worship places across continents . Suitably identifying and taking care of them will put the mother earth in Peace and Harmony.  Ancient civilisations was adept in it and had taken full use of the same. The living old civilization are at present we the Indians and Chinese , others have been sucked up by the time and has got converted to various forms.

As per the Creation Rule ( Sanaadhana Dharma ) and during Kaliyug, more of Adharma will be proliferating across and hence

The burden of Seven planets will be so high in clearing the Karma of Human’s -two more planets were added and they are non other than Raghu and Kethu ( Known as Chaaya Planets).

With crores of rebirths taken by the entire 7 billion population across the globe and their action has to be suitably judged and noticed by every planet for an hour repeatedly ( Hora) starting from Sunrise time every day.

On the other hand Raghu has been provided extra 30 minutes and we have Raghu kaalam for 1.30 hrs and again Yama ganda for 1.30 minutes both during day and night time.

Raghu Kaalam is a time to venerate Raghu Bagavan and more good if we take solace from his athi devatha   Maa Durga.

All Days Raghu sends in Negative frequencies to vanguish the evil doers and on Sunday alone ( 4.30pm to 6.30pm ) he sends positive frequencies which is a superb time for reenergising our souls through all pooja’s and related actions.

Very soon in future we will have Kethu Kaalam accepted as norms , Sage Agasthiar has revealed that Tuesday morning first hour from Sunrise is Kethu Kalam  .

Generally – Raghu bestows everything in the beginning and dooms us finally, where as Kethu dooms us in the beginning and bestows us with everything in the end. ( Wisdom)

Yamaganda is a time to worship and it basically denotes a bad time for Lord Yama to take away a soul  from a human body, as  they will be in Pooja.


We describe Four other very Crucial Factors which plays a main role in wrong decision and failure in activities did on that days.


:Chandrashtama , A Native will not be able to take a Strong decision , when Moon occupies the Eighth Star from our birth Star. This will last for a day or little more. Our mind will be wavering and will induce us to argue and get into negative vibration.

Vaccum Thethis : Every Moon Sign has specific days ( thithis) ,which will yield nil / negative results . During those days we are supposed to do only mundane jobs and not venture into any new beginnings. More importantly Shaving, Nail & hair cutting has to be avoided on these days.

Moon Sign -                                        Day from New Moon/ Full Moon

Aries –                                                   6th day

Taurus –                                                4th and 13th

Gemini –                                               5th , 8thand 14th

Cancer-                                                 7th

Leo –                                                      3rd, 6th,9th and 13th

Virgo -                                                   5th 8th and 14th

Libra-                                                     1st and 12th

Scorpio -                                              10th

Sagittarius-                                         3rd,7th,11th and 14th

Capricorn -                                          1st, 3rd and 13th

Aquarius-                                            14th

Pisces-                                                  2nd, 11th and 14th


Zero Days : Every Human being has to avoid days of the following combination , it will directly get us into trouble of unimaginable nature for anything done on that day except regular works. Reciting of Mantras and Gospels is the only way to save our self.

Combination of the below from Sunrise to next day Sunrise :

Day       -       Star

Sunday – Barani

Monday – Chitra

Tuesday – Uthrashada

Wednesday- Avitta

Thursday- Jyeshta

Friday- Poorvabadra

Saturday – Revathi


34 Black Days ( Karinaal) of a Year : Days Specifically Ruled by Lord Saturn. To be avoided for new initiatives and Pray only to Lord Saturn.

Feeding of Crows is Must . Lamps filled with Eight Oil Combination lit in Temples will a peace Lord Saturn  a lot and get his blessings

They are   Thai ( Paush) – 1 2 3 11 17, Maasi ( Magha) – 15 16 17, Panguni ( Falgoon) – 6 15 19 Chitthirai ( Chaitra)- 6 18, Vaikaashi (Vaisak) -7  16 17, Aani (  Jyeshta  ) 1  6 , Aadi ( Ashad) – 2 10 20, Aavani ( Shravan) – 2   9 28 ,Purattasi( poaur) 16  30  Iyypasi ( Ashwin) – 20 30   and Karthika ( Karthik) – 2 10  17 Marghazhi -  6  9  11.


Given below the Rangolee- pertaining to the present Nine Planets venerated by Humans across Globle.. there are three

more planets ( Shri Kanian, Shri Nishkaamyan & Shri Nedumaal Moorthi) , which totals to 12 in nos and very soon we shall

pray them as Per Sage Agasthiar. Rangolee has to be applied only in Rice Flour or some other grain flour and not in Sand

items ( Artificial). The idea is to feed the Ants/ Birds early morning, which will bless us back in some other form.



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