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 Day to Day practicing habits  has been provided below  in three Categories : For Beginners : Practitioners and Advanced Stage.

Pray your Parents First what ever may be the Situation you are in with them.

Beginners :

Daily Activities.

As soon as you wake up in the morning : Put both you palms nearby and have a darshan of the inside lines and memorize it. We are all but a tiny bit of the great Galaxies and the movements of the planets are imbibed in the Palm . Also Chant  your Kula deva name & Uthalaga Maharishi ki Jai

Always use your  Right handle Middle finger to give a Final Rinse to your tooth after Brushing in the Morning. This represents Saturn , who will bless our longetivity.  The tooth brush has to be strictly in the form of a Tilak . Avoid Rectangle Shapes brushes. Chant Thantha Devadas ki Jai

Usage of Nature Made organic  Powders in your local home town will always get well with your body. Marketed Fluorides by Multinationals will Kill our system in the  long run.

Toilet : Chant Kakaraya Maharaj ki Jai or Somasundara bhagwan ki Jai while entering the Toilet. Indian type is always good to avoid constipation. Facing North and South is advisable.

Bathing : Chant the Name of Indian Rivers Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswathi, Cauvery, SIndhu, Narmada & Amaravathi.

Cleansing with Towel : First Dry your Back shoulders and then your Face .

Prayers : Must as per Your Tradition with Tilaks in your Fore head.

Food : Chant the name of your own God/ Matha Annapoorani and Matha Saakambari .

Travel : Start on time and don’t rush to office or to your business duty.

Close of the day in Bed : Before you sleep , recall all the activities done and ask sorry for anythingNot accepted by your conscious . Thank the Lord for the day and lie down.

Gents : should lie with Left hand under their Ear pose and Ladies should lie with their right hand under their Ear Pose. This will help in Clean breathing habits of the Nostrils based on Sun & Moon movements. Will give a sound sleep and good Health for next day.

Existing Practitioners :

Feed to Crows, Cows and Dogs ( 8pm) on a daily basis to overcome obstacles.

Always Pray to the native Gods while entering a new town or Village. This will lead to success in your venture in to that place.

When ever we come across a Cemetery while travelling, chant Harichandra Maharaj Ki Jai. The souls in the cemetery will help your travel peaceful up to next cemetery.

Always have your marriage Functions in Temples and not in Mandaps.

Try to use the Raghu Kaalam given in daily almanac to the maximum possible. No need to visit a temple, but chant Raghave Kedhave Namaha

Advanced :

After daily bath, Get upon a small Wooden Plank and do a namaskar facing all the Eight Direction and repeat the names as given below :

Fasting during the below Days will help you to attain your Goal

Shasti, Ekadasi , Poornima Thithees

Thiruvonam , Thiruvaathirai Stars

Always use Artificially made Belts, Bags, Purse, Belts and Shoes. Avoid Leather Goods to have more positive Vibration.

As soon as you complete your bath do , Thigdeva Vanthanam . You have to recite the below given Manthra’s and rotate by yourself – Aadhma Pradhishanam

East- Indrani Devi Sametha Indra Devaya Namaha

SouthEast – Swatha Swaha Sametha Agni Devaya Namaha

South – Amorna Devi Sametha Yamadharmarajaya Namaha

South West – Nairuthi Devi Sametha Nairuthi Devaya Namaha

West – Vaaruni Devi  Sametha Varuna Bhagavane Namaha

North West – Vaayaavi Devi Sametha Vaayu Bhagavane Namaha

North – Manorama Devi Sametha Kubera Devaya Namaha

North East- Gowri Devi Sametha Esaanya Devaya Namaha

Above the head- Facing upwards- Brahmandra Kizhiyaney Namaha

Ahead of the Foot- Facing downwards- Pathala Easwaraney Namaha.

The above three has to be done step by Step by all.

Finally Your Action decides your life and

Action is based on your Attitude
Attitude is Based on your Character
Character is Based on your Habits
Habit is based on Your Food
“Please be Careful in What you Eat “


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