Srilasri Venkataraama Siddha Maharaaj, ki jai. Eternal Master of ADOPT Nature.

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We are Indebted to Sri Ramakrishna Vijayam and Sri Agasthiar Vijayam ,the guiding lights from our Childhood days to today

The Founder Trustee , who has launched the academy is  Canopus Krishnakumar Bsc, DL, MA, MBA , NC & FC a Professional with 21 years of Experience from Skypak , Modi , Skycell , Airtel and Reliance . Was GM Operations last in a BPO ,before entering in to full time Spiritual Service to Society. To completely be one more mouth piece for our Guru Vaathyar Srilasri Venkataraman Siddhar and help people to ADOPT Nature for Peace and Prosperity.

His Studies was from Sri Ramakrishna Mission T Nagar & RKM Vivekananda College Mylapore. Below Given is the Holy Feet of his revered Guruji -GuruMangala Gandharva Srilasri Venkatarama Easa Siddhar the Great Grand disciple of Sivaguru Mangala Gandharva Shaaktha Parahbramha Kousthuba Purusha Srilasri Idiyaappa Easa Siddha Maharaj and the full photo of Sathguru.


Krishnakumar is  Native of Tanjore District settled in Chennai for past 40 years , was blessed enough in traveling  to many temples , Caves , Mountains and has met Seers from all walks of life from all Major Religions.Sathguru-Venkataraman

For more about our Guru Pls visit

AAA deals with Natural Science which is  Peaceful coexistence with Mother Nature , Nature Cure, Meditation, Flower Therapy,Mind Body Balancing, Intuitive Intelligence, Relaxation, Good News, Animal Spirits,Time Management , Proper Prayers with Clarity in Belief,  Vasthu ,  Color Therapy, Mudra  Healings , Pilgrimage to re- Charge your DNA for betterment, Spirituality , Understanding Meta Physics and Riddles beyond Science.


The above knowledge was accrued during our life span by traveling across, meeting various people , reading , Listening and Lived through the greatest moments of Miracles in life with the blessings of our Guruji  Agasthia Venkataraman Siddhar.

Thanks to Divine and Shri Naran Balakumar Flower Therapist & Healer from T Nagar.

More than anything we have experienced it and want to Share it across fellow humans.

Ours is NOT a Predictive based organization, as we don’t want to prove anyone our knowledge gained , but want to provide solutions to all the challenges faced by everyone  either Mentally or Physically.

We humbly request you to go through the Web Link; give your feedback’s to make it more useful to the society. Visit our office and help yourself.

LIFE IS BELIEF & BELIEF IS RELIEF…… Believe in Yourself and GOD… Come lets share life with Joy and happiness.

Lets walk towards money and RUN behind God/ Nature. Let us work towards becoming immortal even though we shed our mortal remains due to aging and wear off.

Let us all understand that we come back to Earth again and again in various forms, so let us be Positive – 360 degree all 365 days.

Since 2006 we a Handful of Friends had been trying to follow our Guruji’s Dictum and have provided Food, Cloth,Education Materials in smaller scale to Children’s across Tamil Nadu. We had been insisting on well keeping and maintaining of the available old temples rather than constructing a New One.

Mission : To Rope in more members and enable them Adopt a Temple, which is in Careless stage since long. We shall Pay a fixed monthly Salary to the Poojari and ensure One Time Pooja is done every day .

To Donate Foods , Clothes to Rural innocent  people in Loads and Loads of volume in Trucks.

To Make the Humans aware of Living a Natural life without harming mother Earth.
We request you to Help &  Donate for Dhaana / Dharma by your contribution  to the below given details

  • G Krishnakumar,  Indian Overseas Bank  SB Ac No 211901000102069 Brindavan Nagar IFSC Code IOBA0002119

Blessings of Canopus Krishnakumar

About Canopus Krishnakumar


Jai Gurudev Venkatarama Siddha Maharaj.



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