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All Purpose Energy Photo- Thanks Giving Charger.

Dear all Please do your Pitru Pooja by Laminating this photo and having this as Witness . This is applicable for all physical and Mental Thanks giving Ceremony. Additionally this has to be in your Pooja Room and Office Room to get overall Blessings. Revealed to this world by my Guru Srilasri Venkatarama Swamigal (

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Sep 2015 Udukkai ( The Drum ) Infinity Monthly Magazine

Sep 2015  Udukkai – Main Message Thanks Giving to Ancestors. ( Easy Tharpana Method , Ancestory Pooja). Maalaya Patcha 28.9.15 to 12.10.15. Important places of Visit – Kumbakonam Ayyampettai – Illupai Korrai Shiva Temple .   SEP-15 UDUKKAI E-BOOK WOQ-U 522 total views, no views today

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August 2015 Udukkai ( The Infinite ) Drum E Book

Ohm AUG UDUKKAI EBOOK WOQ Pardon us for the delay in Upload.  Please make use of the Nature Cure details given in the issue.   Together Be Divine. 441 total views, 1 views today

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Birth Star – Temple Details

lotusThe Correct temples pertaining to your Birth star with contact details – Please visit frequently & Energize yourself.

Mudra Treatment – Reach Health

prayerMudras – The Silent Solution in your Hands

Praise Divine – Move On

Yoga-Silhouette1Mental & Physical Well Being. Learn more and start practicing

Find Count Now Done- Make Money

loveAll Joint Families , Folks, Tribes have always won and succeeded finally by being together.

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