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Life beyond- 3D

 Day to Day practicing habits  has been provided below  in three Categories : For Beginners : Practitioners and Advanced Stage. Pray your Parents First what ever may be the Situation you are in with them. Beginners : Daily Activities. As soon as you wake up in the morning : Put both you palms nearby and

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Power Pilgrimage

  Dear Devotees Please be aware of  Nine Navagraha Temples Located in our Own Chennai .Come lets get a change in One day. You can go a  One Day tour to all the Navagraha Temples. Sun : Kolappakkam , Moon : Somamangalam, Mars : Poonthamallee, Mercury : Kovoor , Guru : Porur, Shukkran : Maangadu

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Birth Star – Temple Details

lotusThe Correct temples pertaining to your Birth star with contact details – Please visit frequently & Energize yourself.

Mudra Treatment – Reach Health

prayerMudras – The Silent Solution in your Hands

Praise Divine – Move On

Yoga-Silhouette1Mental & Physical Well Being. Learn more and start practicing

Find Count Now Done- Make Money

loveAll Joint Families , Folks, Tribes have always won and succeeded finally by being together.

Srilasri Venkataraman Siddha Maharaj Ki Jai