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Share happiness, Share Love!

Being Together and Sharing the most is the secret of all Success. Money – Wealth & Happiness :     Wealth and Money is the blessings received due to your good Deeds done in the Previous births and especially it is directly proportional to the volume of Devotion you had towards God. Envy and Jealousy will be

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Life – Beyond Science

Relax yourself. Unlearning and learning daily is the secret to keep going. Purpose of Human Life —Daily Duty : Deva Debts, Rishi Debts & Pitru Debts The untold secret of human life is to Conquer death and become immortal. There are numurous examples from all parts of this earth , where Common man to Saints

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Mudra Treatment – No Expense Instant Result

Mudras : From time immemorial Temples of India has various statues and Deities showing a unique Pose/symbols /signs  through their hands , which is very alive even in our traditional dances across all states. Mudras are natural  way of controlling the uneven movements in our physic , using the ten fingers . This has to

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Simple Solutions – Smooth Your Living

Every Problem has a Root Cause and a Solution to the same. Identifying the right person who will provide us the way to the solution is the challenge for the present day humanity who  keeps questioning rather than believing a SathGuru and practice his preachings. A Hungry person , has to eat for himself, today

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Birth Star – Temple Details

lotusThe Correct temples pertaining to your Birth star with contact details – Please visit frequently & Energize yourself.

Mudra Treatment – Reach Health

prayerMudras – The Silent Solution in your Hands

Praise Divine – Move On

Yoga-Silhouette1Mental & Physical Well Being. Learn more and start practicing

Find Count Now Done- Make Money

loveAll Joint Families , Folks, Tribes have always won and succeeded finally by being together.

Srilasri Venkataraman Siddha Maharaj Ki Jai